Healthy doesn't have to be boring!

And tasty doesn't have to be unhealthy.


What if you could heal while enjoying mouthwatering flavor?

Now's your chance to...

  • Make smart food choices with confidence

  • Find ease and joy in preparing¬†meals you love

  • Taste¬†the remarkable flavors of fresh,¬†whole foods

  • Craft "savory deliciousness" everyone will enjoy

  • Drastically reduce stress, inflammation and disease

  • Be the healthiest, most vibrant version of yourself


Umami is the flavor of savoriness we all love, worldwide.

Yet only a few master it, and almost no one knows its full power in the mind and body.

It's time to change this—for our health and enjoying the deliciousness of life!


The Magic of Umami is a ride through the mysterious intersection of flavor and human health. It's going to be eye-opening, maybe even jaw-dropping, but I promise you'll finish with an understanding and skillset you wish everyone knew!

In this training, you'll discover:

  • The neuroscience of umami and how too much promotes inflammation and disease
  • The art of turning fresh wholesome savoriness into delicious meals that heal and rejuvenate
  • How to reset your tastebuds to enjoy more flavor and reset your nervous system to enjoy more peace

With a new level of awareness and a few fun techniques, you'll evolve the deliciousness of your food and lifestyle.

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This started with a simple desire...

I wanted to teach others how to maximize savoriness so healthy living could be sustainable and truly joyful.

Yet as I dove deep into the scientific literature, I learned that too much umami could cause chronic disease, as a result of excessive glutamate. (I'm so grateful I have a bachelor's degree in human biology and a master's in nutrition so that I could digest the science and connect the dots.)

As if the universe knew I needed to feel the pain personally, during this time, the excess glutamate I had built up led to anxiety, depression, and a total decline in health.

The setback fueled my passion for fully uncovering the power of umami...the good and the bad. As I learned more, I saw this wasn't my first time healing from neurotoxicity and was recognizing it frequently in others. Millions are affected by excess glutamate, but most people don't realize it, and those who do feel hopeless with no escape.

Fortunately, I found delicious solutions. Today I feel more vibrant than ever and I'm thrilled to share what I've learned through the Magic of Umami course.

Healing is not only possible—it's a journey back to your best self!

The Training Modules


Umami Origins: From Tradition to Mass Production

Everyone loves flavor, but few understand it. You can better choose and prepare foods that support your goals by learning the basics of flavor, including:

  • The difference between taste, flavor, and your relation to food
  • How flavor, including umami, has shaped our modern food system
  • What food to focus on for the most nourishing flavor

Savory Science: Breaking Down Protein

The next step is learning the neurochemistry of flavor to understand its influence on your health at every level. In this module, you’ll learn:

  • The evolutionary connection between flavor and protein
  • Why umami, from all sources, stimulates the brain and body
  • How protein impacts your nervous system

Secret Sources: We Relish in Glutamate Abundance

Discover the countless places where glutamate shows up in our world. It may feel like a roller coaster of emotional highs and lows as you learn:

  • How MSG is rampant in our food supply and increasing exponentially
  • Why the favorites within all global cuisines are rich with umami
  • How the most consumed source worldwide is 100% overlooked

Conjuring Umami: How to Craft Savory Deliciousness

It's time to move to the kitchen and enhance the savoriness of your meals with fresh whole foods. In this lesson, you’ll learn:

  • How to cultivate and layer umami for irresistible flavor
  • Which culinary techniques are best to optimize savoriness
  • How to quickly boost the flavor of any dish with umami “toppers”

MSG Toxicity: The Risks of Highly Processed Glutamate

For over 50 years, MSG has been one of the most controversial ingredients. In this module, you’ll learn how it promotes more disease than white sugar, including:

  • How glutamate is directly linked to stress and inflammation
  • How all processed sources are potential neurotoxins
  • Why an excess is harmful to every system of the human body

Heal in Harmony: How to Optimize Glutamate and GABA

With the sickening impact of manufactured free glutamate in our food supply and environment, it's vital to craft a lifestyle that supports healthy levels. In this module, you’ll learn:

  • Why reducing excitotoxicity improves all disease
  • How to lessen and reverse symptoms of excess glutamate
  • What you can do to increase your tolerance to umami-rich foods

Bonuses to Enrich Your Daily Life


3 Umami-Rich Cooking Classes

To help you apply the culinary lessons covered in the ESSENTIALS training, Chef Katelin Mae delivers 3 whole-food, plant-based cooking classes.

To elevate and expand your culinary repertoire, she'll showcase unique ingredients, break down techniques step by step, and demo some of her most beloved umami-rich recipes. Each 90-minute class is a chance to immerse yourself in the world of flavor and strengthen your ability to build and infuse savoriness into your weekly meals.

Final Umami-Focused Q&A Session

There's a tremendous amount covered in this course, including a lot of science, so this LIVE Q&A session will address anything that wasn't clear. The goal is for you to fully grasp the lessons so you can apply them in your daily life;

Ask Katelin your burning questions anything about umami, glutamate, or any other topic relevant to the course. You may seek advice on umami-rich recipes, inquire about glutamate's role in specific diseases, and gain insights from Katelin's journey of healing her excitotoxicity and supporting others in doing the same.

Past Students Loving the Results

I wanted to make this lifestyle change, but I didn’t know where to begin. By learning how to prepare savory plant-based dishes, I had no trouble transitioning because I discovered how flavorful and satisfying eating this way was. I am well on my way to reversing my diabetes and I have lost weight and look and feel better than I have in decades. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

- Diane Tanner

I've been WFPB for over 10 years. But I've eaten protein bars, and recently added hemp protein powder. The last 6 months my blood sugar has been creeping up, and I've been mystified as to the cause. After learning about refined glutamate, I stopped the protein powder. The next morning I had to check my blood sugar again and again...It was 92!! And it's remained in the low 90’s since.

- Susan Woodward

Your umami techniques are savory masterpieces that trick the carnivore into choosing WFPB nutrition—food as medicine, medicine as food. It is thrilling to learn how easily salt, sugar, and oil are healthily replaced—and never missed! My immense gratitude grows daily as I continue to learn how to easily throw together savory and scrumptious WFPB dishes that keep my community coming back for more.

- Nelia Sargent



Everyday price: $299

or 3 payments of $111


  • 8¬†Video Lessons (8 hours)
  • 8¬†PDF Slide Presentations
  • 8¬†Umami-Related¬†Exercises
  • 50+ Umami-Rich Recipes


  • 3 LIVE Umami-Rich Cooking Classes
  • LIVE Umami-Focused Q&A Session

Plus A COMMUNITY to learn, grow, and enjoy the deliciousness with!


If you aren’t completely satisfied with the Magic of Umami course, let us know within the first 14-days for a full refund.