What We Believe

You create
your life.

You have infinite power within.
By crafting a lifestyle that supports
your health and happiness, you create the environment for your higher self to shine!

Food is the
starting point.

Garden-fresh food provides the building blocks for your body, happy chemicals for your mind, and fuel to charge your day. Plants help you thrive in all areas of life!

is momentum.

When you feel connected—to your purpose, community, or higher power—you embody a lightness and alignment that brings you into positive action!





 What's Included

Garden-Fresh Healing
with Chef Katie Mae
Broadcasts Every Wednesday

Live Q&A Sessions for Real-Time Answers and Member Success

Complete Video Archive for Your Convenience Includes Weekly Shows, Q&As, and Interviews

Delicious Archive of Recipe PDFs for Downloading

Private Community for Support and Inspiration

20% Off All Current and Future Courses and eCookbooks



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